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Blocking and Tracking Software for Consideration:

Is your child safe from Pornography?

  •– free internet site used to block network access to sites by website categories or specific websites.  This site is often used by schools.
  •– accountability and filter software. Reports can be generated, time limits for net use can set per child, and sensitivity levels for different age children can be set.
  • SafeEyes – available through Award winning software with features that include( but aren’t limited to):  Accountability software, generates usage reports, monitors IM traffic, allows e-mail contact controls, allows internet use scheduling by time of day with differing weekday and weekend schedules, blocks social networks, blocks explicit downloads on iTunes.  Daily or weekly summaries can be sent to an e-mail account for monitoring.  An iPhone monitoring application is also available.
  • Spector Soft Products– available through  Two different products are offered.  # 1 Rated Computer Monitoring Software by PC Magazine:
  • SpectorPro records e-mails, chats, IMs, websites visited, searches performed, keystrokes typed, files transferred, records screen shots and chats and many other features.
  • eBlaster  records ALL emails, chats, instant messages, web sites visited, online searches, Facebook activity, keystrokes typed, programs launched and files uploaded/ downloaded (such as music, photos, video, software and more) – then sends it to you via email in the form of a detailed Activity Report
  • Corporate Monitoring products available and Blackberry Smartphone monitoring available, as well.